Genome Property Definition Page

Namesites of growth within host
DescriptionGenome Properties organized under this one describe the sites (cell types, tissues, organs, organ systems) within the host organism with which the sequenced organism is known to associate.
Parent PropertyGenProp0497: host-associated niche

Parent Properties
GenProp0497host-associated niche

Child Properties
GenProp0503animal respiratory tract
GenProp0504animal gastrointestinal (GI) tract
GenProp0505animal genitourinary (GU) tract
GenProp0506animal oral cavity
GenProp0507plant root nodule
GenProp0508animal blood system
GenProp0509animal lymphatic system
GenProp0510insect bacteriome (symbiotic organ)
GenProp0511animal central nervous system
GenProp0513insect larvae
GenProp0514plant leaf
GenProp0515plant fruit
GenProp0517animal aural (ear) tract

Sibling Properties
GenProp0518host range
GenProp0519host-symbiote relationship types
GenProp0520relationship to host cell
GenProp0568mode of transmission to host
GenProp0573initial sites of transmission to host