Top Level Genome Properties

DNA handlingExchange, repair and modification of DNA
Defense systems
Biological nicheOptimal environmental conditions, hosts
Cell motilityChemotaxis, flagella, etc.
Cell surface componentObjects (membranes, complexes) localized at or near the surface of cells
Cellular growth, organization and divisionMorphology, intercellular structures
Unknown biological process
Selfish genetic elementsStowaways on the ship of life: introns, inteins, phage, etc.
TaxonomyClassification of organisms from superkingdom down to species
TransportMovement of molecules across biological membranes
VirulenceHost range and factors associated with pathogenesis
MetabolismBiosynthesis, catabolism and interconverison of biomolecules
Quantitative contentCounts, abundances and other metrics
Quorum-sensing, biofilm formation, and developmental systems
Regulatory systems
Response to external environment