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Genomics Scholars Program (GSP)


J. Craig Venter Institute Genomics Scholar Program is divided into summer and academic research experience. In the summer it is a full-time (40-hour work week) employment program for ten weeks. During the academic year, it is a part-time employment program. Students should work no more than twenty hours per week for a total of twelve weeks during the program. Students are responsible for obtaining any appropriate school departmental approvals to determine specific academic assignments required for internship credit. Students under the age of 18 are required to obtain a work permit from their local high school in both Maryland and California regardless of their residence.

All deductions required by federal and state law will be processed through payroll. The Institute is not able to provide assistance with housing arrangements or cost. The Genomics Scholar Program hourly compensation is $10.00.

Principal Investigator

Rajagopala Venkatappa

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