JCVI: Education / Internship Program / Application Process
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DiscoverGenomics! Science Education Program

Application Process

The J. Craig Venter Institute Internship Program is small and highly selective. Applicants must submit their application through our “Career Opportunities” web page. Select “View job opportunities” to read the intern position descriptions and apply.

In the space set aside for attaching your resume, please submit the following in one file:

  • Your resume
  • Your current school transcript (does not have to be official).
  • An essay explaining:
    • Your specific scientific interests
    • How your skills and coursework are relevant to the position
    • How this Internship will prepare you to meet your professional goals

* Please ensure that the document is one of the following file types: MS Word (.doc or .docx), Rich Text File (.rtf), or a PDF.

The JCVI Internship program uses a rolling admissions process meaning that applications will be considered as they are received. Only complete applications will be considered. If a faculty member or senior staff is interested in your application, you will be contacted by them directly to begin the interview process.

What about positions that are still available online after the March 15, 2016 application due date?

If a position is still available online after March 15, it means the position has not yet been filled and you may still apply for it.

Summer 2016 Internship Dates


Education Level


La Jolla, CA

High school

June 20 – August 19


Rockville, MD

High school

June 20 – August 19


May 31 – August 19

* Please note that these dates can be adjusted to suit the schedules of the mentor and the intern.