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DiscoverGenomics! Science Education Program

Mobile Laboratory

The DiscoverGenomics! Mobile Laboratory can be found at a school near you (in the San Diego area). This self-sufficient laboratory on wheels hosts middle school students and teachers, providing an opportunity to learn current bioscience concepts and to master the use of cutting edge laboratory equipment found in today's research facilities.

The modified motor coach, outfitted with advanced laboratory equipment, electricity, running water and network capabilities, accommodates up to 26 students, their teacher, and two mobile instructors. The workstations feature necessary equipment such as pipettes, electrophoresis supplies, centrifuges and reagents.

Aboard the bus, students and their teachers spend a class period participating in the hands-on, inquiry-based curriculum designed for this program.

MobileLab Coalition

DiscoverGenomics! is a member of the MobileLab Coalition, a partnership of traveling laboratory programs, institutions of higher education, and K-12 schools and school systems. This partnership, built upon scientist and educator collaborations, addresses the nation's science education challenge by providing equity of access to authentic hands-on, inquiry-based contemporary science education for K-12 students, educators and the community.