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DiscoverGenomics! Science Education Program


With rapid developments in the biological sciences, science educators and professionals need easy access to expertise, current information, technology, and professional development. Through its education programs, the Venter Institute provides a broad-based community resource for science, math, and technology education for students of all ages. The Venter Institute's team of science educators promotes "learning by doing" in the sciences and provides ample opportunities for individual discovery. Along the way, students are encouraged to explore the wonder and potential of the natural world, to consider science as a potential career, and to understand how scientific concepts apply to everyday life.

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Watch an overview of the DiscoverGenomics! Science Education Program.

The DiscoverGenomics! Science Education Program is designed as a science enrichment program taught in formal and informal learning settings to reach students throughout their academic career. DG! staff works closely with the classroom teacher or coordinator to ensure each experience achieves the team's goals and objectives, reinforces specific school standards and gives maximum exposure to science careers. The DG! staff has over 10 years experience working with young students and adults. The DiscoverGenomics! Mobile Laboratory Program focuses on grades six through eight, while DiscoverGenomics! Mobile Equipment is available for all students, K-12.