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DiscoverGenomics! Science Education Program

Bioinformatics: Unlocking Life through Computation

Genomics and biotechnology are valuable tools in our quest to understand life and nature. However, introducing the science classroom to the computational and mathematical underpinnings of biology can be challenging. The goal of this workshop is to introduce a curriculum for mathematics and science education in the area of genomics (with a focus on the fascinating world of microbes). Educators will be introduced to the various analysis and computational challenges that arise in this discipline. Workflow examples illustrating comparative genomic analysis will be made available through the JCVI Metagenomics Report (METAREP) software infrastructure. The eventual aim is for the educational material to be integrated with local high school curricula requirements to expose students to both hypothesis-driven and discovery-based science.

Dates for the Courses and Locations

  • July 13-17, 2015 (4120 Capricorn Lane, La Jolla, CA 92037)


Please complete the registration form and return to education(AT)jcvi.org or fax 858-200-1774.


This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation (under Grant Number DBI-1262295).

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Principle Investigator

Shibu Yooseph

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