JCVI: Aspergillus Genomes and the Aspergillus Cloud
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Mabey Gilsenan, J. E., Atherton, G., Bartholomew, J., Giles, P. F., Attwood, T. K., Denning, D. W., Bowyer, P.

Aspergillus Genomes and the Aspergillus Cloud

Nucleic Acids Res. 2009 Jan 01; 37(0): D509-14.

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Aspergillus Genomes is a public resource for viewing annotated genes predicted by various Aspergillus sequencing projects. It has arisen from the union of two significant resources: the Aspergillus/Aspergillosis website and the Central Aspergillus Data REpository (CADRE). The former has primarily served the medical community, providing information about Aspergillus and associated diseases to medics, patients and scientists; the latter has focused on the fungal genomic community, providing a central repository for sequences and annotation extracted from Aspergillus Genomes. By merging these databases, genomes benefit from extensive cross-linking with medical information to create a unique resource, spanning genomics and clinical aspects of the genus. Aspergillus Genomes is accessible from www.aspergillus-genomes.org.uk.

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