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Tarcha, E. J., Basrur, V., et al.
A Recombinant Aspartyl Protease of Coccidioides posadasii Induces Protection Against Pulmonary Coccidioidomycosis In Mice

Infect Immun. 2006 Jan 01; 74(1): 516-27.[more]

Filliol, I., Motiwala, A. S., et al.
Global Phylogeny of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Based on Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Analysis: Insights Into tuberculosis Evolution, Phylogenetic Accuracy of Other DNA Fingerprinting Systems, and Recommendations for a Minimal Standard SNP Set

J Bacteriol. 2006 Jan 01; 188(2): 759-72.[more]

Kooij, T. W., Carlton, J. M., et al.
A Plasmodium Whole-Genome Synteny Map: Indels and Synteny Breakpoints as Foci for Species-Specific Genes

PLoS Pathog. 2005 Dec 23; 1(4): e44.[more]

Galagan JE, Calvo SE, et al.
Sequencing of Aspergillus nidulans and Comparative Analysis With A. fumigatus and A. Oryzae.

Nature. 2005 Dec 22; 438(7071): 1105-15.[more]

Machida M, Asai K, et al.
Genome Sequencing and Analysis of Aspergillus Oryzae.

Nature. 2005 Dec 22; 438(7071): 1157-61.[more]

Nierman WC, Pain A, et al.
Genomic Sequence of the Pathogenic and Allergenic Filamentous Fungus Aspergillus Fumigatus.

Nature. 2005 Dec 22; 438(7071): 1151-6.[more]

Fedorova, N. D., Badger, J. H., et al.
Comparative Analysis of Programmed Cell Death Pathways In Filamentous Fungi

BMC Genomics. 2005 Dec 08; 6(1): 177.[more]

Lindblad-Toh, K., Wade, C. M., et al.
Genome Sequence, Comparative Analysis and Haplotype Structure of the Domestic Dog

Nature. 2005 Dec 08; 438(7069): 803-19.[more]

Kim, H. S., Schell, M. A., et al.
Bacterial Genome Adaptation to Niches: Divergence of the Potential Virulence Genes In Three Burkholderia Species of Different Survival Strategies

BMC Genomics. 2005 Dec 07; 6(1): 174.[more]

Mongodin, E. F., Nelson, K. E., et al.
The Genome of Salinibacter Ruber: Convergence and Gene Exchange Among Hyperhalophilic Bacteria and Archaea

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005 Dec 05; 102(50): 18147-52.[more]

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