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Okstad, O. A., Tourasse, N. J., et al.
The Bcr1 DNA Repeat Element Is Specific to the Bacillus cereus Group and Exhibits Mobile Element Characteristics

J Bacteriol. 2004 Nov 01; 186(22): 7714-25.[more]

Porter-Kelley, J. M., Gerald, N. J., et al.
LdARF1 In Trafficking and Structural Maintenance of the Trans-Golgi Cisternal Network In the Protozoan Pathogen Leishmania donovani

Traffic. 2004 Nov 01; 5(11): 868-83.[more]

Silva, J. C., Kidwell, M. G.
Evolution of P Elements In Natural Populations of Drosophila willistoni and D. Sturtevanti

Genetics. 2004 Nov 01; 168(3): 1323-35.[more]

ENCODE Project Consortium
The ENCODE (ENCyclopedia Of DNA Elements) Project

Science. 2004 Oct 22; 306(5696): 636-40.[more]

Peisach, E., Selengut, J. D., et al.
X-ray Crystal Structure of the Hypothetical Phosphotyrosine Phosphatase MDP-1 of the Haloacid Dehalogenase Superfamily

Biochemistry. 2004 Oct 12; 43(40): 12770-9.[more]

Usary, J., Llaca, V., et al.
Mutation of GATA3 In Human Breast Tumors

Oncogene. 2004 Oct 07; 23(46): 7669-78.[more]

Brandstatter, A., Peterson, C. T., et al.
Mitochondrial DNA Control Region Sequences from Nairobi (Kenya): Inferring Phylogenetic Parameters for the Establishment of a Forensic Database

Int J Legal Med. 2004 Oct 01; 118(5): 294-306.[more]

Fei, Z., Tang, X., et al.
Comprehensive EST Analysis of Tomato and Comparative Genomics of Fruit Ripening

Plant J. 2004 Oct 01; 40(1): 47-59.[more]

Gill, B. S., Appels, R., et al.
A Workshop Report on Wheat Genome Sequencing: International Genome Research on Wheat Consortium

Genetics. 2004 Oct 01; 168(2): 1087-96.[more]

King, S. J., Hippe, K. R., et al.
Phase Variable Desialylation of Host Proteins That Bind to Streptococcus pneumoniae In Vivo and Protect the Airway

Mol Microbiol. 2004 Oct 01; 54(1): 159-71.[more]

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