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Karp, P. D., Arnaud, M., et al.
The E-coli EcoCyc Database: No Longer Just a Metabolic Pathway Database

Asm News. 2004 Jan 01; 70(1): 25-30.[more]

Kuhl, J. C., Cheung, F., et al.
A Unique Set of 11,008 Onion Expressed Sequence Tags Reveals Expressed Sequence and Genomic Differences Between the Monocot Orders Asparagales and Poales

Plant Cell. 2004 Jan 01; 16(1): 114-125.[more]

Liu, H., Bergman, N. H., et al.
Formation and Composition of the Bacillus anthracis Endospore

J Bacteriol. 2004 Jan 01; 186(1): 164-78.[more]

Nelson, K.E., Bull, A.T.

Microbial Diversity and Bioprospecting. 2004 Jan 01;: 250-59.[more]

Ouyang, S., Buell, C. R.
The TIGR Plant Repeat Databases: a Collective Resource for the Identification of Repetitive Sequences In Plants

Nucleic Acids Res. 2004 Jan 01; 32: D360-3.[more]

Pop, M., Kosack, D. S., et al.
Hierarchical Scaffolding With Bambus

Genome Res. 2004 Jan 01; 14(1): 149-59.[more]

Pop, M., Zelkowitz, M.
Shotgun Sequence Assembly

Advances in Computers. 2004 Jan 01; 60: 193-248..[more]

Ren, Q., Kang, K. H., et al.
TransportDB: a Relational Database of Cellular Membrane Transport Systems

Nucleic Acids Res. 2004 Jan 01; 32: D284-8.[more]

Salzberg, S.L., Delcher, A.L., et al.
Tools for Gene Finding and Whole Genome Comparison.

Microbial Genomes. 2004 Jan 01;: 19-32.[more]

Silva, J. C., Loreto, E. L., et al.
Factors That Affect the Horizontal Transfer of Transposable Elements

Curr Issues Mol Biol. 2004 Jan 01; 6(1): 57-71.[more]

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