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Gwinn, M. L., Stellwagen, A. E., et al.
In Vitro Tn7 Mutagenesis of Haemophilus influenzae Rd and Characterization of the Role of AtpA In Transformation

J Bacteriol. 1997 Dec 01; 179(23): 7315-20.[more]

Klenk, H. P., Clayton, R. A., et al.
The Complete Genome Sequence of the Hyperthermophilic, Sulphate-reducing Archaeon Archaeoglobus fulgidus

Nature. 1997 Nov 27; 390(6658): 364-70.[more]

Huang, X., Adams, M. D., et al.
A Tool for Analyzing and Annotating Genomic Sequences

Genomics. 1997 Nov 15; 46(1): 37-45.[more]

Xu, Y., Jiang, L., et al.
Enterococcus faecalis Antigens In Human Infections

Infect Immun. 1997 Oct 01; 65(10): 4207-15.[more]

Doyle, D. J.
Ninth International Genome Sequencing and Analysis Conference. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. September 13-16, 1997

Microb Comp Genomics. 1997 Sep 13; 2(4): 251-7.[more]

Di Francesco, V., Geetha, V., et al.
Fold Recognition Using Predicted Secondary Structure Sequences and Hidden Markov Models of Protein Folds

Proteins. 1997 Aug 26; 0: 123-8.[more]

Tomb, J. F., White, O., et al.
The Complete Genome Sequence of the Gastric Pathogen Helicobacter pylori

Nature. 1997 Aug 07; 388(6642): 539-47.[more]

Fraser, C. M., Fleischmann, R. D.
Strategies for Whole Microbial Genome Sequencing and Analysis

Electrophoresis. 1997 Aug 01; 18(8): 1207-16.[more]

Hanna, M. C., Platts, J. T., et al.
Identification of a Gene Within the Tandem Array of Red and Green Color Pigment Genes

Genomics. 1997 Aug 01; 43(3): 384-6.[more]

Hedblom, E., Kirkness, E. F.
A Novel Class of GABAA Receptor Subunit In Tissues of the Reproductive System

J Biol Chem. 1997 Jun 13; 272(24): 15346-50.[more]

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