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Rice Chromosome 10 Sequencing Consortium
In-depth View of Structure, Activity, and Evolution of Rice chromosome 10

Science. 2003 Jun 06; 300(5625): 1566-9.[more]

Alland, D., Whittam, T. S., et al.
Modeling Bacterial Evolution With Comparative-Genome-Based Marker Systems: Application to Mycobacterium tuberculosis Evolution and Pathogenesis

J Bacteriol. 2003 Jun 01; 185(11): 3392-3399.[more]

Bruchhaus, I., Loftus, B. J., et al.
The Intestinal Protozoan Parasite Entamoeba histolytica Contains 20 Cysteine Protease Genes, of Which Only a Small Subset Is Expressed During In Vitro Cultivation

Eukaryot Cell. 2003 Jun 01; 2(3): 501-9.[more]

Kasukawa, T., Furuno, M., et al.
Development and Evaluation of an Automated Annotation Pipeline and CDNA Annotation System

Genome Res. 2003 Jun 01; 13(6): 1542-51.[more]

Volfovsky, N., Haas, B. J., et al.
Computational Discovery of Internal Micro-exons

Genome Res. 2003 Jun 01; 13(6): 1216-21.[more]

Wang, Z., Samuelson, J., et al.
Gene Discovery In the Entamoeba invadens Genome

Mol Biochem Parasitol. 2003 Jun 01; 129(1): 23-31.[more]

Wells, C. A., Ravasi, T., et al.
Continued Discovery of Transcriptional Units Expressed In Cells of the Mouse Mononuclear Phagocyte Lineage

Genome Res. 2003 Jun 01; 13(6): 1360-5.[more]

Wortman, J. R., Haas, B. J., et al.
Annotation of the Arabidopsis Genome

Plant Physiol. 2003 Jun 01; 132(2): 461-8.[more]

Salzberg, S. L.
Genomics: Yeast Rises Again

Nature. 2003 May 15; 423(6937): 233-4.[more]

Bourgogne, A., Drysdale, M., et al.
Global Effects of Virulence Gene Regulators In a Bacillus anthracis Strain With Both Virulence Plasmids

Infect Immun. 2003 May 01; 71(5): 2736-2743.[more]

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