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Sharov, V. A., Xiao, Q. F., et al.
Cold Neutron Microprobe for Materials Analysis Using Tapered Capillary Optics

Review of Scientific Instruments. 2000 Sep 01; 71(9): 3247-3253.[more]

Stover, C. K., Pham, X. Q., et al.
Complete Genome Sequence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PA01, an Opportunistic Pathogen

Nature. 2000 Aug 31; 406(6799): 959-64.[more]

Fraser, C. M., Eisen, J. A., et al.
Microbial Genome Sequencing

Nature. 2000 Aug 17; 406(6797): 799-803.[more]

Ermolaeva, M. D., Khalak, H. G., et al.
Prediction of Transcription Terminators In Bacterial Genomes

J Mol Biol. 2000 Aug 04; 301(1): 27-33.[more]

Paulsen, I. T., Nguyen, L., et al.
Microbial Genome Analyses: Comparative Transport Capabilities In Eighteen Prokaryotes

J Mol Biol. 2000 Aug 04; 301(1): 75-100.[more]

Heidelberg, J. F., Eisen, J. A., et al.
DNA Sequence of Both Chromosomes of the Cholera Pathogen Vibrio cholerae

Nature. 2000 Aug 03; 406(6795): 477-83.[more]

Malek, J. A., Shatsman, S. Y., et al.
Degradation of Persistent RNA In RNase-containing, High-throughput Alkaline Lysis DNA Preparations

Biotechniques. 2000 Aug 01; 29(2): 250-2.[more]

Gogos, A., Jantz, D., et al.
Assignment of Enzyme Substrate Specificity by Principal Component Analysis of Aligned Protein Sequences: an Experimental Test Using DNA Glycosylase Homologs

Proteins. 2000 Jul 01; 40(1): 98-105.[more]

Hanna, M. C., Davies, P. A., et al.
Evidence for Expression of Heteromeric Serotonin 5-HT(3) Receptors In Rodents

J Neurochem. 2000 Jul 01; 75(1): 240-7.[more]

Riley, M. A., Cadavid, L., et al.
The Newly Characterized Colicin Y Provides Evidence of Positive Selection In Pore-former Colicin Diversification

Microbiology. 2000 Jul 01; 146: 1671-7.[more]

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