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Kerlavage, A., Adams, M., et al.
Analysis and Management of Data from High Throughput Expressed Sequence Tag Projects

26th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. 1993 Mar 01;: 585-594.[more]

Kirkness, E. F., Fraser, C. M.
A Strong Promoter Element Is Located Between Alternative Exons of a Gene Encoding the Human Gamma-aminobutyric Acid-type A Receptor Beta 3 Subunit (GABRB3)

J Biol Chem. 1993 Feb 25; 268(6): 4420-8.[more]

McCombie, W. R., Martin-Gallardo, A., et al.
Expressed Genes, Alu Repeats and Polymorphisms In Cosmids Sequenced from chromosome 4p16.3

Nat Genet. 1992 Aug 01; 1(5): 348-53.[more]

Ogino, Y., Fraser, C. M., et al.
Selective Interaction of Beta 2- and Alpha 2-adrenergic Receptors With Stimulatory and Inhibitory Guanine Nucleotide-binding Proteins

Mol Pharmacol. 1992 Jul 01; 42(1): 6-9.[more]

Savarese, T. M., Wang, C. D., et al.
Site-directed Mutagenesis of the Rat M1 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor. Role of Conserved Cysteines In Receptor Function

J Biol Chem. 1992 Jun 05; 267(16): 11439-48.[more]

McCombie, W. R., Adams, M. D., et al.
Caenorhabditis elegans Expressed Sequence Tags Identify Gene Families and Potential Disease Gene Homologues

Nat Genet. 1992 May 01; 1(2): 124-31.[more]

Fields, C., Adams, M.D., et al.
Identification of Genes In Genomic and EST Sequences

Second International Conference on Bioinformatics, Supercomputing and Complex Genome Analysis. 1992 May 01;: 429-34.[more]

Martin-Gallardo, A., Marchuk, D. A., et al.
Sequencing and Analysis of Genomic Fragments from the NF1 Locus

DNA Seq. 1992 Apr 01; 3(4): 237-43.[more]

Martin-Gallardo, A., McCombie, W. R., et al.
Automated DNA Sequencing and Analysis of 106 Kilobases from Human chromosome 19q13.3

Nat Genet. 1992 Apr 01; 1(1): 34-9.[more]

Savarese, T. M., Fraser, C. M.
In Vitro Mutagenesis and the Search for Structure-function Relationships Among G Protein-coupled Receptors

Biochem J. 1992 Apr 01; 283: 1-19.[more]

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