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27-Apr-2006 Collaborator Release

Leading Department of Energy Genome Scientist to Direct Joint Marine Microbial Metagenomics Cyberinfrastructure Initiative

Dr. Paul Gilna Will Lead Moore Foundation-Funded Project Linking UC San Diego and Venter Institute[more]

10-Apr-2006 Collaborator Release

Government of Victoria, Australia and Venter Institute to Survey and Sequence Microbes in Soil and Bovine Digestive System

Environmental genomics approach expected to reveal biological diversity in lesser known ecosystems[more]

23-Mar-2006 Press Release

MD Governor visits TIGR

PRESS RELEASE MD Governor visits TIGR March 23, 2006 While visiting the Rockville area in March, Maryland Govenror Robert L. Ehrlich and his Secretary of Business and Economic Development, Aris Melissaratos,...[more]

10-Mar-2006 Press Release

Venter Institute Announces Summer Fellowship in Memory of Local Resident

Cookbook sales by student athletes contribute to Dan Stryer Fellowship for cancer research[more]

13-Feb-2006 Press Release

Genomics-Based Vaccine Could Prevent Deadly Cattle Disease

Every year, East Coast fever destroys the small farmer's dream of escaping poverty in Africa. Killing more than a million cattle and costing some $200 million annually, this tick-borne disease rages across a dozen countries in...[more]

06-Feb-2006 Press Release

The J. Craig Venter Institute, The University of Washington, and The Johns Hopkins University Initiate Resequencing and Genotyping Projects to Help Identify Critical Disease Pathways

Research is Part of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's Complimentary Resequencing and Genotyping Program[more]

01-Jan-2006 Press Release

2006 Summer Fellowship/Internship Information and application now available

PRESS RELEASE 2006 Summer Fellowship/Internship Information and application now available (Deadline is March 1)[more]

21-Dec-2005 Press Release

Breaking the Mold: Research Teams Sequence Three Fungus Genomes

From garden compost to forest greenery, the mold Aspergillus fumigatus lurks across much of the world. Now, in the December 22 issue of the journal Nature, TIGR scientists and their collaborators report the mold's sequenced...[more]

07-Dec-2005 Press Release

How Do Boxers Differ From Poodles? Researchers Collar Genomes.

As any dog lover knows, no two breeds are identical. Some dogs are perfect for sloppy kisses. Others make fierce guardians. Still others resemble tiny, fluffy toys. Now, two new studies by scientists at The Institute for Genomic...[more]

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