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22-Sep-2005 Press Release

Researchers Predict Infinite Genomes

Ever since the genomics revolution took off, scientists have been busily deciphering vast numbers of genomes. But in a new study, TIGR scientists suggest researchers might never fully describe some bacteria and viruses--because...[more]

07-Sep-2005 Press Release

TIGR Taps Eric Eisenstadt as Vice President for Research

Eric Eisenstadt has joined The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) as Vice President for Research. With 17 years of biotechnology experience, Eisenstadt says genomics is at a crossroads--and he intends for TIGR to help lead the...[more]

10-Aug-2005 Press Release

International Research Team Announces Finished Rice Genome

In a study that promises to improve crop breeding, a public research consortium has published the complete, accurate rice genome. As a member of the International Rice Genome Sequencing Project, TIGR sequenced more than 10% of...[more]

10-Aug-2005 Press Release

Venter Institute Announces Acquisition of the Norman Collection: The History of Molecular Biology

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Venter Institute Announces Acquisition of the Norman Collection: The History of Molecular Biology ROCKVILLE, MD — August 10, 2005 — The J. Craig Venter Institute (Venter Institute)...[more]

25-Jul-2005 Press Release

Genome Study of Marine Microbe Offers New Clues to Subzero Survival

In a new study, scientists have sequenced and analyzed the genome of a marine microbe, Colwellia psychrerythraea 34H. The research reveals key biochemical tools that bacteria tap to survive in frigid environments.[more]

14-Jul-2005 Press Release

Three Deadly Parasites Have Common Genetic Core; Studies May Help Target New Drugs To Fight Them

An international consortium of scientists including TIGR has deciphered the genomes of three deadly parasites that threaten half a billion people, causing Chagas disease, African sleeping sickness and leishmaniasis. The studies,...[more]

07-Jul-2005 Press Release

TIGR President Is Named To Biosecurity Science Advisory Board

TIGR President Claire M. Fraser has been appointed to the new National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity, which provides oversight and advice to the Department of Health and Human Services on federally conducted or supported...[more]

30-Jun-2005 Press Release

U.S. / African Project Deciphers Deadly Parasite Genome

An innovative North-South research collaboration has provided molecular clues to help develop new ways to treat or prevent East Coast fever, a parasite-transmitted disease which kills a million cattle a year in East and Central...[more]

28-Jun-2005 Press Release

Major New Policy Study Will Explore Risks, Benefits of Synthetic Genomics

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Major New Policy Study Will Explore Risks, Benefits of Synthetic Genomics ROCKVILLE, MD - June 28, 2005 — Today three organizations, the J. Craig Venter Institute (Venter Institute), the...[more]

27-Jun-2005 Press Release

Genome Study of Beneficial Microbe May Help Boost Plant Health

In a study expected to greatly benefit crop plants, scientists have deciphered the genome of a root- and seed-dwelling bacterium that protects plants from diseases. The research provides clues to better explain how the helpful...[more]

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