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02-Mar-2005 Press Release

Sifting Through Fruitfly Sequences, Scientists Discover New Wolbachias

Finding the genomic equivalent of gold nuggets in the rough ore of a much larger set of data, TIGR scientists and collaborators have discovered the genomes of three new types of the microbe Wolbachia in fruitfly sequence data.[more]

24-Feb-2005 Press Release

Venter Institute to Sequence More Than 100 Key Marine Microbes in One Year

Data To Help Scientists Study Biodiversity, Ecology, Evolution, and Health[more]

23-Feb-2005 Press Release

Genome of Deadly Amoeba Shows Surprising Complexity; Study Reveals Evidence for Lateral Gene Transfer from Bacteria

The genome sequence of the parasitic amoeba Entamoeba histolytica, a leading cause of severe diarrheal disease in developing countries, includes an unexpectedly complex repertoire of sensory genes as well as a variety of...[more]

13-Jan-2005 Press Release

Scientists Decipher Genome of a Fungus That Causes Life-Threatening Infections in Persons With Impaired Immunity

The study deciphered and compared the genomes of two closely related strains of Cryptococcus neoformans, a fungus that has emerged as an important pathogen worldwide as a result of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the increasing use of...[more]

06-Jan-2005 Press Release

Scientists Reveal Molecular Secrets of the Malaria Parasite

In an innovative project with implications for malaria vaccine development, scientists have used genomics, proteomics and gene expression studies to trace how malaria parasites evolve on a molecular level as they move between...[more]

06-Jan-2005 Press Release

Scientists Decipher Genome of Bacterium that Helps Clean Up Major Groundwater Pollutants

The genome sequence of Dehalococcoides ethenogenes — a bacterium that can be used to clean up pollution by chlorinated solvents — indicates that the microbe may have developed the metabolic capability to consume such...[more]

04-Jan-2005 Press Release

Genome Comparison of Four Campylobacter Strains Yields New Genetic Markers and Clues to Virulence

In a study that could benefit medical and food-safety research, scientists have used the tools of comparative genomics to find new clues about why some strains of the bacterium Campylobacter - which each year cause more than 400...[more]

15-Dec-2004 Press Release

Microbe's Genome Reveals Insights Into Ocean Ecology

Unexpected findings about the genetic makeup of a marine microbe have given scientists a new perspective on how bacteria make a living in the ocean - a view that may prove useful in wider studies of marine ecology. The analysis...[more]

10-Dec-2004 Press Release

Innovative Metagenomics Strategy Used To Study Oral Microbes

In an innovative new project, TIGR scientists and collaborators are using a metagenomics strategy to explore the complex mix of microbes in the human mouth. The research could help improve the diagnosis and treatment of...[more]

15-Nov-2004 Press Release

Influenza Genome Sequencing Project Is Launched

TIGR will sequence a large number of human isolates of the influenza virus as part of a landmark influenza genome sequencing project announced Monday by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of...[more]

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