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12-Oct-2004 Press Release

Computational Genomics Conference To Attract Leading Scientists

Comparative genomics, sequence assembly, gene expression analysis and genome annotation are among the hot topics to be discussed at the 7th annual Conference on Computational Genomics, which will be held October 21-24 in Reston,...[more]

29-Sep-2004 Press Release

J. Craig Venter Announces Consolidation of Three Research Organizations Into One New Not-For-Profit Organization — The J.Craig Venter Institute

The Center for Advancement of Genomics (TCAG), Institute for Biological Energy Alternatives (IBEA), and J. Craig Venter Science Foundation Joint Technology Center (JTC) consolidated to form J. Craig Venter Institute[more]

21-Sep-2004 Press Release

Scientists Decipher Genome of Biothreat Pathogen

TIGR researchers have found that the horse pathogen Burkholderia mallei, which has been deployed in the past as a biological weapon, has an extremely regulated set of virulence genes and an unstable genome that may explain the...[more]

20-Sep-2004 Press Release

16TH International Genome Sequencing and Analysis Conference Features NIAID Director Anthony Fauci, Biologist E.O. Wilson and other Eminent Scientists

Environmental genomics, human genomic medicine, biological energy production, evolutionary biology and new DNA sequencing technologies will be among the topics at the 16th International Genome Sequencing and Analysis Conference,...[more]

20-Sep-2004 Press Release

Scientists Explore Genome of Methane-breathing Microbe

The first complete genome sequence of a methane-breathing bacterium, Methylococcus capsulatus, has revealed a surprising flexibility in its metabolism, suggesting an ability to live successfully in environments previously thought...[more]

30-Jul-2004 Press Release

TIGR Scientists Explore Microbes on Shipwrecks and Coral

Researchers embarked on two separate expeditions this week to explore microbial communities on deep-sea corals in the Gulf of Alaska and on shipwrecks in the Gulf of Mexico. [more]

16-Jul-2004 Press Release

Bioinformatics Resource Center at TIGR to Focus on Biothreat Pathogens

TIGR has signed a five-year, $21.1 million contract with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to establish and maintain a new national Bioinformatics Resource Center for the study of pathogens that are...[more]

17-May-2004 Press Release

Anthrax Toxin Genes Found in Another Microbial Species

For the first time, researchers have found anthrax toxin genes in a naturally occurring microbe other than Bacillus anthracis, the bacterium that causes anthrax. The microbe that contains those anthrax genes is a strain of...[more]

13-Apr-2004 Press Release

Decoding a Sulfate-Breathing Bug

Paving the way for better methods to protect pipelines and remediate metallic pollutants, TIGR scientists and collaborators have deciphered the genome of a sulfate-breathing bacterium, Desulfovibrio vulgaris, which can damage oil...[more]

31-Mar-2004 Press Release

Scientists Decipher the Rat Genome

An international consortium of scientists that includes TIGR has completed a high-quality draft sequence of the rat genome. Comparing the rat to the human and mouse genomes, the Rat Genome Sequencing Project Consortium reported...[more]

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