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26-Feb-2004 Press Release

TIGR Offers International Travel Fellowships

PRESS RELEASE TIGR Offers International Travel Fellowships Senior researchers from developing countries are eligible to apply for International Travel Fellowships being offered by The...[more]

18-Dec-2003 Press Release

Scientists Discover Way to Streamline Analysis of Maize Genome

The complex structure of the maize genome -- with tiny islands of genes clustered in a vast sea of highly-repetitive DNA -- may become easier to decipher as the result of research by TIGR and collaborators. The scientists have...[more]

16-Dec-2003 Press Release

Scientists Explore Secrets of the Anthrax Spore

In a pioneering joint use of the investigative tools of genomics and proteomics to analyze a bacterial pathogen, scientists have described the molecular mechanisms behind the anthrax bacterium's ability to form extremely tough...[more]

11-Dec-2003 Press Release

Scientists Decipher Genome of Bacterium That Remediates Uranium Contamination and Generates Electricity Through Its Metabolism

Shining new light on the molecular secrets behind a microbe's capability to generate electricity and to help clean up radioactive contamination, TIGR scientists and collaborators have deciphered and analyzed the genome of...[more]

27-Nov-2003 Press Release

Gene Transfer Leads To Antibiotic Resistance In Staph Strain

A dangerous new staph strain picked up its resistance to vancomycin — one of the few antibiotics effective against serious staph infections — by acquiring genes from another microbial species, scientists have found. [more]

13-Nov-2003 Press Release

IBEA Researchers Make Significant Advance in Methodology Toward Goal of a Synthetic Genome

Group Synthesizes Biologically Active Genome of Bacteriophage φX174 IBEA research, funded by Dept. of Energy, is an important advance toward the goal of a completely synthetic genome that could aid in carbon sequestration...[more]

07-Nov-2003 Press Release

NHGRI Funds Next Generation Of Large-Scale Sequencing Centers

New Efforts Will Build on Success of the Human Genome Project[more]

28-Oct-2003 Press Release

TIGR to Help Decipher Genome of Model Legume

The genome of an alfalfa relative that is used as a research model for legumes - an important group of plants that includes soybeans, lentils, and chickpeas - will be deciphered in a collaborative project that includes TIGR. That...[more]

02-Oct-2003 Press Release

TIGR Posts Sequence Data for Parasite that Causes Trichomoniasis

Scientists at TIGR are beginning to unravel the mysteries of the most prevalent human parasite in North America, Trichomonas vaginalis, which is responsible for 5 million cases of vaginitis a year and is a factor in amplifying...[more]

02-Oct-2003 Press Release

TIGR, NIAID Sign $65 Million Microbial Sequencing Contract

TIGR has signed a five-year, $65 million contract with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to sequence and analyze the genomes of pathogenic microbes and invertebrate vectors of infectious diseases...[more]

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