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24-Apr-2003 Press Release

Energy Department Awards $9 Million for Energy Related Genomic Research

Institute for Biological Energy Alternatives to Explore and Develop Clean Energy and Environmental Alternatives[more]

22-Apr-2003 Press Release

Study Sheds Light on Chlamydial Pathogens

Surprisingly subtle differences in gene content appear to account for the large number of diseases caused by the Chlamydiae family of bacteria in a wide range of animal hosts that the pathogens infect, according to a new study by...[more]

14-Apr-2003 Press Release

"Q Fever" Pathogen's Genome Is Deciphered

TIGR scientists and their collaborators have sequenced and analyzed the complete genome of Coxiella burnetii, a potential bioterror agent that causes Q Fever. The study is expected to allow scientists to develop a...[more]

09-Apr-2003 Press Release

TIGR Leads New Project to Sequence

TIGR and its scientific collaborators have received federal grants to sequence and analyze the genome of the single-celled model organism Tetrahymena thermophila. The project is expected to benefit a wide range of research, from...[more]

27-Mar-2003 Press Release

Genome Analysis Sheds Light on Mobile DNA's Role in Pathogen's Resistance to Vancomycin

TIGR's sequencing and analysis of the genome of a vancomycin-resistant strain of Enterococcus faecalis has found that nearly a third of the genome consists of "mobile elements" -- segments of DNA that can jump between organisms...[more]

20-Mar-2003 Press Release

Information about the 15th Annual Genome Sequencing and Analysis Conference is available.

PRESS RELEASE Information about the 15th Annual Genome Sequencing and Analysis Conference is available.[more]

23-Jan-2003 Press Release

New Mobile Lab To Bolster Bioscience Education

The nation's newest and largest mobile laboratory, the MdBioLab, will be launched in early February to help Maryland high schools enhance their bioscience education programs. TIGR has partnered with MdBio, Inc., and the...[more]

15-Jan-2003 Press Release

TIGR Offers Genomics Course

PRESS RELEASE TIGR Offers Genomics Course Jan. 15, 2003 Teachers who want to learn more about the rapidly evolving field of genomics are encouraged to apply for the comprehensive ...[more]

18-Dec-2002 Press Release

Rice Genome Sequence Announced By International Public Consortium

An international sequencing consortium that includes TIGR announced today that scientists have completed the assembly of an advanced, high-quality draft genome sequence of rice and made that data freely available. The sequence is...[more]

02-Dec-2002 Press Release

U.S. - German Research Consortium Sequences Genome of Versatile Soil Microbe

Researchers at TIGR and in Germany have sequenced the genome of a versatile soil bacterium, Pseudomonas putida, which has potential for use in remediating organic pollutants and in promoting plant growth. The sequence analysis...[more]

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