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18-Feb-2016 Collaborator Release

What Makes A Bacterial Species Able to Cause Human Disease?

Global effort produces first cross-species genomic analysis of Leptospira, a bacterium that can cause disease – and death – in targeted mammals, including humans

11-Feb-2016 Press Release

Venter Institute, International Team of Researchers Publish Paper Outlining Key Genes in Toxoplasma gondii Strains that Contribute to Virulence

T. gondii, one of the most prevalent parasites affecting mammals, infects more than 1 billion people worldwide[more]

09-Feb-2016 Collaborator Release

Tick genome reveals secrets of a successful bloodsucker

NIH-funded study could lead to new tick control methods

05-Feb-2016 Collaborator Release

GW researcher tests new method for rapid detection of infection in wounds

A new method for testing bacteria in wounds, published in Wound Repair and Regeneration, could lead to lower health care costs, minimize drug resistance, and improve patient outcomes

28-Jan-2016 News Alert

$52,000 awarded to Dr. Richard Scheuermann for MS Research

$52,000 awarded to Dr. Richard Scheuermann for MS Research JCVI’s Innovation Fund has awarded $52,000 to JCVI’s Dr. Richard Scheuermann, Ph.D., Director of Informatics, to support a pilot study testing the hypothesis that...[more]

21-Jan-2016 Collaborator Release

Zoo in You: The Human Microbiome, a bilingual exhibition that explores the complex microbiome that lives in the human body, to open at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center.

The traveling exhibition was created in partnership between the J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) and the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI). Opening on January 30, 2016, in the Fleet's main exhibit gallery.

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