JCVI: Finding Drug Targets In Microbial Genomes
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Read, T. D., Gill, S. R., Tettelin, H., Dougherty, B. A.

Finding Drug Targets In Microbial Genomes

Drug Discov Today. 2001 Sep 01; 6(17): 887-892.

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In this era of genomic science, knowledge about biological function is integrated increasingly with DNA sequence data. One area that has been significantly impacted by this accumulation of information is the discovery of drugs to treat microbial infections. Genome sequencing and bioinformatics is driving the discovery and development of novel classes of broad-spectrum antimicrobial compounds, and could enable medical science to keep pace with the increasing resistance of bacteria, fungi and parasites to current antimicrobials. This review discusses the use of genomic information in the rapid identification of target genes for antimicrobial drug discovery.