JCVI: GRAMM-X Public Web Server for Protein-protein Docking
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Tovchigrechko, A., Vakser, I. A.

GRAMM-X Public Web Server for Protein-protein Docking

Nucleic Acids Res. 2006 Jul 01; 34(0): W310-4.

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Protein docking software GRAMM-X and its web interface (http://vakser.bioinformatics.ku.edu/resources/gramm/grammx) extend the original GRAMM Fast Fourier Transformation methodology by employing smoothed potentials, refinement stage, and knowledge-based scoring. The web server frees users from complex installation of database-dependent parallel software and maintaining large hardware resources needed for protein docking simulations. Docking problems submitted to GRAMM-X server are processed by a 320 processor Linux cluster. The server was extensively tested by benchmarking, several months of public use, and participation in the CAPRI server track.

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