JCVI: Ion annotation-assisted analysis of LC-MS based metabolomic experiment.
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Varghese RS, Zhou B, Nezami Ranjbar MR, Zhao Y, Ressom HW

Ion annotation-assisted analysis of LC-MS based metabolomic experiment.

Proteome science. 2012 Jul 01; 10: S8.

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BACKGROUND: Analysis of multiple LC-MS based metabolomic studies is carried out to determine overlaps and differences among various experiments. For example, in large metabolic biomarker discovery studies involving hundreds of samples, it may be necessary to conduct multiple experiments, each involving a subset of the samples due to technical limitations. The ions selected from each experiment are analyzed to determine overlapping ions. One of the challenges in comparing the ion lists is the presence of a large number of derivative ions such as isotopes, adducts, and fragments. These derivative ions and the retention time drifts need to be taken into account during comparison. RESULTS: We implemented an ion annotation-assisted method to determine overlapping ions in the presence of derivative ions. Following this, each ion is represented by the monoisotopic mass of its cluster. This mass is then used to determine overlaps among the ions selected across multiple experiments. CONCLUSION: The resulting ion list provides better coverage and more accurate identification of metabolites compared to the traditional method in which overlapping ions are selected on the basis of individual ion mass.