JCVI: MPIDB: The Microbial Protein Interaction Database
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Goll, J., Rajagopala, S. V., Shiau, S. C., Wu, H., Lamb, B. T., Uetz, P.

MPIDB: The Microbial Protein Interaction Database

Bioinformatics. 2008 Jun 13; 24. : 1743-1744.

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SUMMARY: The microbial protein interaction database (MPIDB) aims to collect and provide all known physical microbial interactions. Currently, 22,530 experimentally determined interactions among proteins of 191 bacterial species/strains can be browsed and downloaded. These microbial interactions have been manually curated from the literature or imported from other databases (IntAct, DIP, BIND, MINT) and are linked to 24,060 experimental evidences (PubMed ID, PSI-MI methods). In contrast to these databases, interactions in MPIDB are further supported by 8,150 additional evidences based on interaction conservation, co-purification, and 3D domain contacts (iPfam, 3did). AVAILABILITY: www.jcvi.org/mpidb/ CONTACT: jgoll@jcvi.org.