JCVI: Plasma Membrane Repair Is Mediated by Ca(2+)-regulated Exocytosis of Lysosomes
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Reddy, A., Caler, E. V., Andrews, N. W.

Plasma Membrane Repair Is Mediated by Ca(2+)-regulated Exocytosis of Lysosomes

Cell. 2001 Jul 27; 106(2): 157-69.

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Plasma membrane wounds are repaired by a mechanism involving Ca(2+)-regulated exocytosis. Elevation in intracellular [Ca(2+)] triggers fusion of lysosomes with the plasma membrane, a process regulated by the lysosomal synaptotagmin isoform Syt VII. Here, we show that Ca(2+)-regulated exocytosis of lysosomes is required for the repair of plasma membrane disruptions. Lysosomal exocytosis and membrane resealing are inhibited by the recombinant Syt VII C(2)A domain or anti-Syt VII C(2)A antibodies, or by antibodies against the cytosolic domain of Lamp-1, which specifically aggregate lysosomes. We further demonstrate that lysosomal exocytosis mediates the resealing of primary skin fibroblasts wounded during the contraction of collagen matrices. These findings reveal a fundamental, novel role for lysosomes: as Ca(2+)-regulated exocytic compartments responsible for plasma membrane repair.

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