JCVI: Quality Control of the Sheep Bacterial Artificial chromosome Library, CHORI-243
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Ratnakumar, A., Kirkness, E. F., Dalrymple, B. P.

Quality Control of the Sheep Bacterial Artificial chromosome Library, CHORI-243

BMC Res Notes. 2010 Dec 13; 3(1): 334.

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ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: The sheep CHORI-243 bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) library is being used in the construction of the virtual sheep genome, the sequencing and construction of the actual sheep genome assembly and as a source of DNA for regions of the genome of biological interest. The objective of our study is to assess the integrity of the clones and plates which make up the CHORI-243 library using the virtual sheep genome. FINDINGS: A series of analyses were undertaken based on the mapping the sheep BAC-end sequences (BESs) to the virtual sheep genome. Overall, very few plate specific biases were identified, with only three of the 528 plates in the library significantly affected. The analysis of the number of tail-to-tail (concordant) BACs on the plates identified a number of plates with lower than average numbers of such BACs. For plates 198 and 213 a partial swap of the BESs determined with one of the two primers appear to have occurred. A third plate, 341, also with a significant deficit in tail-to-tail BACs, appeared to contain a substantial number of sequences determined from contaminating eubacterial 16S rRNA DNA. Additionally a small number of eubacterial 16S rRNA DNA sequences were present on two other plates, 111 and 338, in the library. CONCLUSIONS: The comparative genomic approach can be used to assess BAC library integrity in the absence of fingerprinting. The sequences of the sheep CHORI-243 library BACs have high integrity, especially with the corrections detailed above. The library represents a high quality resource for use by the sheep genomics community.