JCVI: TabuVis: A tool for visual analytics multidimensional datasets
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Nguyen QV, Qian Y, Huang M, Zhang J

TabuVis: A tool for visual analytics multidimensional datasets

2013 May 01; 56: 1-12.


This paper describes TabuVis, a light weight visual analytics system that provides a flexible, customizable and effective visualization for multidimensional data. Key aspects for visually analyzing data with multiple attributes are quality and appropriateness of the analytical platform whose presentation can be adjusted via domain experts. Our commercial-free and comprehensive prototype utilizes scatter-plot approach to support the visual analytics process. The system consists of multiple components enabling the complete analysis process, including data processing, automatic marks, customizable interactive visualization and filtering. We demonstrate the effectiveness of TabuVis on various case studies using medical and Oscars datasets.

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