JCVI: The 2008 Update of the Aspergillus nidulans Genome Annotation: A Community Effort
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Wortman, J. R., Gilsenan, J. M., Joardar, V., Deegan, J., Clutterbuck, J., Andersen, M. R., Archer, D., Bencina, M., Braus, G., Coutinho, P., Dohren, H. V., Doonan, J., Driessen, A. J., Durek, P., Espeso, E., Fekete, E., Flipphi, M., Estrada, C. G., Geysens, S., Goldman, G., de Groot, P. W., Hansen, K., Harris, S. D., Heinekamp, T., Helmstaedt, K., Henrissat, B., Hofmann, G., Homan, T., Horio, T., Horiuchi, H., James, S., Jones, M., Karaffa, L., Karanyi, Z., Kato, M., Keller, N., Kelly, D. E., Kiel, J. A., Kim, J. M., van der Klei, I. J., Klis, F. M., Kovalchuk, A., Krasevec, N., Kubicek, C. P., Liu, B., Maccabe, A., Meyer, V., Mirabito, P., Miskei, M., Mos, M., Mullins, J., Nelson, D. R., Nielsen, J., Oakley, B. R., Osmani, S. A., Pakula, T., Paszewski, A., Paulsen, I., Pilsyk, S., Pocsi, I., Punt, P. J., Ram, A. F., Ren, Q., Robellet, X., Robson, G., Seiboth, B., van Solingen, P., Specht, T., Sun, J., Taheri-Talesh, N., Takeshita, N., Ussery, D., Vankuyk, P. A., Visser, H., van de Vondervoort, P. J., de Vries, R. P., Walton, J., Xiang, X., Xiong, Y., Zeng, A. P., Brandt, B. W., Cornell, M. J., van den Hondel, C. A., Visser, J., Oliver, S. G., Turner, G.

The 2008 Update of the Aspergillus nidulans Genome Annotation: A Community Effort

Fungal Genet Biol. 2008 Dec 25; 46(1): 2-13.

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The identification and annotation of protein-coding genes is one of the primary goals of whole-genome sequencing projects, and the accuracy of predicting the primary protein products of gene expression is vital to the interpretation of the available data and the design of downstream functional applications. Nevertheless, the comprehensive annotation of eukaryotic genomes remains a considerable challenge. Many genomes submitted to public databases, including those of major model organisms, contain significant numbers of wrong and incomplete gene predictions. We present a community-based reannotation of the Aspergillus nidulans genome with the primary goal of increasing the number and quality of protein functional assignments through the careful review of experts in the field of fungal biology.