JCVI: ThurGood: Evaluating Assembly-to-assembly Mapping
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Shatkay, H., Miller, J., Mobarry, C., Flanigan, M., Yooseph, S., Sutton, G.

ThurGood: Evaluating Assembly-to-assembly Mapping

J Comput Biol. 2004 May 01; 11(5). : 800-11.

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The alignment and mapping of large genomic sequences is the focus of much recent research. However, relatively little has been done so far about testing and validating alignment methods. We introduce criteria and new tools we have developed for alignment evaluation. These tools have already proved useful in the evaluation and ranking of several methods for assembly-to-assembly mapping, which were recently used to map multiple versions of the human genome to each other (Istrail et aL, 2004).

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