JCVI: Toward an Ontological Treatment of Disease and Diagnosis.
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Scheuermann RH, Ceusters W, Smith B

Toward an Ontological Treatment of Disease and Diagnosis.

Summit on translational bioinformatics. 2009 May 01; 2009: 116-20.

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Many existing biomedical vocabulary standards rest on incomplete, inconsistent or confused accounts of basic terms pertaining to diseases, diagnoses, and clinical phenotypes. Here we outline what we believe to be a logically and biologically coherent framework for the representation of such entities and of the relations between them. We defend a view of disease as involving in every case some physical basis within the organism that bears a disposition toward the execution of pathological processes. We present our view in the form of a list of terms and definitions designed to provide a consistent starting point for the representation of both disease and diagnosis in information systems in the future.

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