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Conners, S. B., Mongodin, E. F., et al.
Microbial Biochemistry, Physiology, and Biotechnology of Hyperthermophilic Thermotoga Species

FEMS Microbiol Rev. 2006 Nov 01; 30(6): 872-905.[more]

Vencato, M., Tian, F., et al.
Bioinformatics-enabled Identification of the HrpL Regulon and Type III Secretion System Effector Proteins of Pseudomonas Syringae Pv. Phaseolicola 1448A

Mol Plant Microbe Interact. 2006 Nov 01; 19(11): 1193-206.[more]

Titz, B., Rajagopala, S. V., et al.
Novel Conserved Assembly Factor of the Bacterial Flagellum

J Bacteriol. 2006 Nov 01; 188(21). : 7700-6.[more]

Savard, J., Tautz, D., et al.
Phylogenomic Analysis Reveals Bees and Wasps (Hymenoptera) at the Base of the Radiation of Holometabolous Insects

Genome Res. 2006 Oct 25; 16: 1334-1338.[more]

Cheung, F., Haas, B. J., et al.
Sequencing Medicago truncatula Expressed Sequenced Tags Using 454 Life Sciences Technology

BMC Genomics. 2006 Oct 24; 7(1): 272.[more]

Fouts, D. E.
Phage_Finder: Automated Identification and Classification of Prophage Regions In Complete Bacterial Genome Sequences

Nucleic Acids Res. 2006 Oct 24; 34: 5839-5851.[more]

Didonato, L. N., Sullivan, S. A., et al.
Role of RelGsu In Stress Response and Fe(III) Reduction In Geobacter sulfurreducens

J Bacteriol. 2006 Oct 13; 188: 8469-8478.[more]

Lanie, J. A., Ng, W. L., et al.
Genome Sequence of Avery's Virulent Serotype 2 Strain D39 of Streptococcus pneumoniae and Comparison With That of Unencapsulated Laboratory Strain R6

J Bacteriol. 2006 Oct 13; 189: 38-51.[more]

Goldman, B. S., Nierman, W. C., et al.
Evolution of Sensory Complexity Recorded In a Myxobacterial Genome

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006 Oct 10; 103(41): 15200-5.[more]

Djikeng, A., Raverdy, S., et al.
Cofactor-independent Phosphoglycerate Mutase Is an Essential Gene In Procyclic Form Trypanosoma brucei

Parasitol Res. 2006 Oct 06; 100(4): 887-92.[more]

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