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Saidijam, M., Benedetti, G., et al.
Microbial Drug Efflux Proteins of the Major Facilitator Superfamily

Curr Drug Targets. 2006 Jul 01; 7(7): 793-811.[more]

Thibaud-Nissen, F., Wu, H., et al.
Development of Arabidopsis Whole-genome Microarrays and Their Application to the Discovery of Binding Sites for the TGA2 Transcription Factor In Salicylic Acid-treated Plants

Plant J. 2006 Jul 01; 47(1): 152-62.[more]

Goll, J., Uetz, P.
The Elusive Yeast Interactome

Genome Biol. 2006 Jun 30; 7(6): 223.[more]

Ding, X. Z., Paulsen, I. T., et al.
A High Efficiency Cloning and Expression System for Proteomic Analysis

Proteomics. 2006 Jun 26; 6(14): 4038-46.[more]

Hamilton, E. P., Dear, P. H., et al.
Use of HAPPY Mapping for the Higher Order Assembly of the Tetrahymena Genome

Genomics. 2006 Jun 16; 88(4): 443-51.[more]

Wu, D., Daugherty, S. C., et al.
Metabolic Complementarity and Genomics of the Dual Bacterial Symbiosis of Sharpshooters

PLoS Biol. 2006 Jun 06; 4(6): e188.[more]

Gill, S. R., Pop, M., et al.
Metagenomic Analysis of the Human Distal Gut Microbiome

Science. 2006 Jun 02; 312(5778): 1355-9.[more]

Feldblyum, T, Nierman, W, et al.
The Teams of TIGR

Increasing the Odds for High Performance Teams -Lessons Learned. 2006 Jun 01;: 88-149.[more]

Ramaswamy, S. V., Ferrieri, P., et al.
Identification of Novel Cps Locus Polymorphisms In Nontypable Group B Streptococcus

J Med Microbiol. 2006 Jun 01; 55(0): 775-83.[more]

Ren, QH, Saier, MH Jr.
The Bioinformatic Study of Transmembrane Molecular Transport.

Journal of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology. 2006 Jun 01; 11: 289-90.[more]

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