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Bult, C. J., White, O., et al.
Complete Genome Sequence of the methanogenic Archaeon, Methanococcus jannaschii

Science. 1996 Aug 23; 273(5278): 1058-73.[more]

Prihar, G., Fuldner, R. A., et al.
Structure and Alternative Splicing of the Presenilin-2 Gene

Neuroreport. 1996 Jul 08; 7(10): 1680-4.[more]

Lee, N. H., Geoghagen, N. S., et al.
Alanine Scanning Mutagenesis of Conserved Arginine/lysine-arginine/lysine-X-X-arginine/lysine G Protein-activating Motifs on M1 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptors

Mol Pharmacol. 1996 Jul 01; 50(1): 140-8.[more]

Deryshire, M. K., Weinstock, K. G., et al.
HST1, a New Member of the SIR2 Family of Genes

Yeast. 1996 Jun 15; 12(7): 631-640.[more]

Bult, C., Sobral, B. W. S.
Informatics and Genomic Research

The Impact of Plant Molecular Genetics. 1996 Jun 01;: 221-238.[more]

Fraser, C. M., Liggett, S.B., et al.
Large Scale Expressed DNA Sequencing for Elucidation of New Drug Targets and Mutations In Disease

The Genetics of Asthma. 1996 Jun 01; 96: 319-348.[more]

Lee, N.H., Tobin, A.B.
Regulation of PLC Coupled Receptor MRNA Stability

Phosphoinositidase C-Linked Receptor Desensitization. 1996 Jun 01;: 133-158.[more]

Max, S. I., Chowdhury, B. A., et al.
Sequence Analysis of the 5'-untranslated Region of the Human H1 Histamine Receptor-encoding Gene

Gene. 1996 Jun 01; 171(2): 309-10.[more]

Kerlavage, A. R., Adams, M. D., et al.
Progress Toward a Transcript Map of the Human Genome

Genomes of Plants and Animals: 21st Stadler Genetics Symposium. 1996 Jun 01;: 47-56.[more]

Venter, J. C., Smith, H. O., et al.
A New Strategy for Genome Sequencing

Nature. 1996 May 30; 381(6581): 364-6.[more]

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