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Genomic Medicine


A Protein-Protein Interaction Map of E. coli

A yeast two-hybrid screen will help us to discover all protein-protein interactions in E. coli, an important pathogen and model organism.

Algorithmically-Tuned Protein Families, Rule Base and...

We are developing computational tools to analyze the complexity of metagenomic sequencing data generated by the Human Microbiome Project.

Animal Microbiome Studies (AMS)

Animal Microbiome Sciences focuses on studying the microbial populations that natively inhabit these animals, allowing us determine their...

Fibrolytic Ruminal Bacteria

A resource for biologists with interests in gastrointestinal microbial ecology, plant biomass degradation and anaerobic microbiology.

Genome-wide prediction and analysis of coding variants

We are developing methods to discover genetic variants associated with disease — an important step toward personalized medicine.

Human Diploid Genome

The first publication of a diploid human genome from one person: A step closer to truly individualized genomic medicine.

Human Microbiome Project (HMP)

The NIH Human Microbiome Project (HMP) was initiated to help determine the core human microbiome, to understand the changes in the human...

Human Microbiome Studies (HMS)

As a leading genomics research organization, the J. Craig Venter Institute has numerous projects and programs that are focused on this...

Respiratory Microbiome Associated with Respiratory Syncytial...

As the single most important cause of serious lower respiratory tract disease in infants and young children in the United States and...

Single Cell Genomics of Human Microbial Flora

We are developing methods using single cell genomics & MDA to obtain bacterial genomes from human specimens to discover their roles in...

Southern African Genome Diversity Study

Research Team led by JCVI Scientists Uncover More Complexity and Detail in Southern African Genomic Diversity.

The Microbial Protein Interaction Database

MPIDB aims to collect and provide all known physical microbial interactions. Currently, 22,530 experimentally determined physical...

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