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Infectious Disease


As the population on our planet continues to increase, and as issues like global climate change arise, the threat of emerging infectious diseases intensifies. One of the longstanding research focus areas at the JCVI is microbial and viral genomics and how those relate to human infectious disease. That work continues today in several major areas including: comparative microbial genomics in sexually transmitted pathogens, elucidation of human microbial flora within various body cavities, sequencing and analysis of human pathogens such as anthrax and the mosquito species that carry yellow fever and malaria, and various strains of influenza and coronavirus. A thorough genomic understanding of these diseases will enable JCVI researchers to collaborate on new vaccines and treatments for these global health threats.

Infectious Disease Teams

Center for Structural Genomics of Infectious Disease (CSGID)

The Center's mission is to solve the three-dimensional structure of proteins from pathogens in the NIAID Category A-C priority lists and...

Genomic Sequencing Center for Infectious Diseases (GSCID)

Sequencing and genotyping of organisms considered agents of bioterrorism and/or responsible for emerging and re-emerging diseases.

Microbial Pathogenesis

Technological advancements in DNA sequencing continue to fuel the exponential growth of sequence data resources, transforming the field of...

Pathogen Functional Genomics Resource Center (PFGRC)

The PFGRC is a centralized facility providing the research community with resources necessary to conduct functional genomics research on...

Viral Genomics

Changes in human population dynamics and technology have brought humanity into contact with animal and viral populations for which we have...