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Viral Genomics


Changes in human population dynamics and technology have brought humanity into contact with animal and viral populations for which we have no effective immune response.  Of increasing importance therefore is an understanding of the viral diversity of the world and of human viral ecology.  The JCVI Viral Genomics group concentrates on collecting data on and developing methods for analyzing RNA and DNA viruses which represent the majority of emerging disease threats in the world today.



Human adenoviruses (HAdV) are pathogens causing a range of human infectious diseases, including respiratory, ocular, gastrointestinal,...


The emergence of the SARS coronavirus as a major health threat demonstrated in very clear terms the necessity of understanding the...


This project aims to dramatically improve the availability of influenza genomic sequence in the public domain. We will sequence the...


As the leading worldwide cause of severe pediatric diarrhea, rotavirus, a double-stranded, segmented RNA virus, annually causes ~600,000...