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Silverstein, K. A., Moskal, W. A., Jr., et al.
Small Cysteine-rich Peptides Resembling Antimicrobial Peptides Have Been Under-predicted In Plants

Plant J. 2007 Jun 12;[more]

Moskal, W. A., Jr., Wu, H. C., et al.
Experimental Validation of Novel Genes Predicted In the Un-annotated Regions of the Arabidopsis Genome

BMC Genomics. 2007 Jan 17; 8(1): 18.[more]

Thibaud-Nissen, F., Wu, H., et al.
Development of Arabidopsis Whole-genome Microarrays and Their Application to the Discovery of Binding Sites for the TGA2 Transcription Factor In Salicylic Acid-treated Plants

Plant J. 2006 Jul 01; 47(1): 152-62.[more]

Xiao, Y. L., Smith, S. R., et al.
Analysis of the CDNAs of Hypothetical Genes on Arabidopsis Chromosome 2 Reveals Numerous Transcript Variants

Plant Physiol. 2005 Oct 21; 139(3): 1323-37.[more]

Ayele, M., Haas, B. J., et al.
Whole Genome Shotgun Sequencing of Brassica oleracea and Its Application to Gene Discovery and Annotation In Arabidopsis

Genome Res. 2005 Apr 01; 15(4): 487-95.[more]

Haas, B. J., Wortman, J. R., et al.
Complete Reannotation of the Arabidopsis Genome: Methods, Tools, Protocols and the Final Release

BMC Biol. 2005 Mar 22; 3(1): 7.[more]

Redman, J. C., Haas, B. J., et al.
Development and Evaluation of an Arabidopsis Whole Genome Affymetrix Probe Array

Plant J. 2004 May 01; 38(3): 545-61.[more]

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