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Information Technology


Genomic research has always relied on substantial computing infrastructure, and that need has only increased with the vast amounts of data that our teams have generated. Since our inception we have been pioneers in developing the most unique and efficient computing technologies and that tradition continues today. The JCVI's state-of-the-art computing facility's components include our compute grid, significant storage capacity, and our underlying network infrastructure.

The compute infrastructure boasts over 6.8 Terabytes of RAM distributed among its 27 nodes with 1144 CPU cores. Storage capacity has grown to over half a Petabyte. We also maintain access to CENIC's high performance research network which provides access to many research networks including Internet2.

System redundancy has been built into all aspects of our data center, including storage, network, grid, and power, eliminating single points of failure common in many environments. Our facilities are designed in a scalable, modular manner, allowing for non-disruptive growth as project needs dictate. We constantly improve our capabilities and efficiency through testing and evaluating new technologies.