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Corbata: CORe microBiome Analysis Tools

Download and Installation

  1. To download Corbata, please go to the Sourceforge website.  You can go directly to the project home page by following this link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/corbata/
  3. Look for and then click on the Download button located around the middle of the homepage.  Last time we checked, it was a green rectangle.
  5. Follow the download instructions until you see a dialog box asking you to save the Corbata_<release date>.tgz file.  You'll want to save this in a directory where you have Unix access and where you want to install Corbata.  These scripts were designed to be run on the command line on Unix.  The <release date> in the file name refers to the year, month and day of the Corbata source code snapshot.
  7. Bring up a Unix prompt, change into the directory (cd) you had saved the .tgz file from step 3, and run tar on it to uncompress and build the directories and the supporting files Corbata needs: 

    tar -xvf Corbata_<release date>.tgz
  9. Note that you will also need R and Perl installed.  Perl is usually part of most Unix distributions, but to confirm if you are not sure, you may test this with the 'which' command.  This will tell you where your perl is installed.  Also check to see if you have a new enough version of R installed:

      which perl

      which RScript

    If it turns out that you do not have R installed, or a really old version that doesn't support RScript, then please go to the R website to find an update. From there, download the Unix version for your platform, and follow the instructions for installation. R is a very mature and actively developed project, so you should have no problems installing it.
  11. You're done! Now try the examples.