ICMR Sequencing and Informatics Workshop

Five physician scientists from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) travelled to the JCVI facility in La Jolla, CA for a training workshop on October 15-17, 2017. JCVI instructors included Dr. Derrick Fouts, Dr. Granger Sutton, Mr. Indresh Singh, Ms. Lauren Brinkac, Dr. Todd Michael, Dr. Tim Motley and Ms. Kelly Colt. The visiting scientists were led through practical lab tutorials covering DNA extraction, library preparation and execution of sequencing runs on the Illumina and MinIon platforms. Focused discussions were held on cross-platform sequencing strategies and AMR detection. Hands-on informatics exercises covered many areas such as Unix training, post-run QC, assembly, SNP analysis and AMR gene prediction. The JCVI PanACEA Visualization tool, 16S and full metagenomic analysis were also demonstrated during the workshop.

Group photo from ICMR training.