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rpoA - rpoD  ( Escherichia coli (strain K12) )  

Protein A

Protein B


DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit alpha rpoA b3295, JW3257


RNA polymerase sigma factor rpoD rpoD b3067, JW3039

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GO MF: protein dimerization activity
GO MF: DNA binding
GO MF: DNA-directed RNA polymerase activity
GO CC: cytoplasm
GO CC: membrane
GO BP: transcription, DNA-dependent

GO MF: transcription factor activity
GO MF: protein binding
GO MF: sigma factor activity
GO BP: transcription initiation
GO BP: regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent

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far western blotting

physical association

Arthur TM et al. (2000)

genetic interference

physical association

Arthur TM et al. (2000)

Protein Complex Memberships (16)

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