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Protein Naming Utility


Generation of syntactically correct and unambiguous names for proteins is a challenging task for functional annotation processes. Proteins are often named based on homology to known proteins, many of which have problematic names. To address the need to generate high quality protein names, and capture our significant experience correcting protein names manually, we have developed the Protein Naming Utility (PNU). The PNU is a web based database for storing and applying naming rules to identify and correct syntactically incorrect protein names or to replace synonyms with their preferred name. The PNU allows users to generate and manage collections of naming rules, optionally building upon the growing body of rules generated at the J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI). Since communities often enforce disparate conventions for naming proteins, the PNU supports grouping rules into user-managed collections. Users can check their protein names against a selected PNU rule collection, generating both statistics and corrected names. The PNU can also be used to correct GenBank table files prior to submission to GenBank.


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