Solanaceae Functional Genomics

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Note: The NSF-funded Generation of Potato Sequence and Annotation Resources project has moved to Michigan State University. Project information, personnel, contact details, data, and analysis tools can be accessed at .

However, all of the TIGR Potato Array, Potato EST, and Potato Disease Resistance Gene data will remain at the J Craig Venter Institute.

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Solanaceae Functional Genomics

TIGR is member of the NSF Potato Genome Project, a consortium focused on understanding potato functional genomics. This project ended on Sept 2007 and this website is serving as a data archiving site. Members of the consortium include:

Solanaceae Gene Expression profiling expression data generated using the TIGR Potato cDNA Microarray are made publicly available through the Solanaceae Gene Expression Database (SGED). The database contains expression profiles of a variety of Solanaceae species. Experiments were conducted by external collaborators as part of the project sponsored expression profiling service and by project participants. The TIGR Potato cDNA Microarray are available for purchase on a cost recovery basis.


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