TIGR Potato cDNA Microarray MIAME Submission Tool (MST)

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MST Registered Users

Registered users may procced to the login page. Not a registered user? Contact the TIGR Solanaceae Genomics.

About This Service

The Potato Microarray MIAME Submission Tool is a series of web pages enabling researchers participating in TIGR's potato expressing profiling service to submit information to TIGR describing their experiments following the MIAME guidelines.

The system guides users through a sequence of webpages where they enter information on experimental design, hybridizations, sample sources and treatment conditions following MIAME recommendations. The system is designed to minimize error from user input and the amount of duplicate information entered. Error checking is performed at every step to ensure that study information is consistent before users are allowed to proceed to a subsequent step. For a typical experiment with 30 hybridizations, a user can expect to have all their MIAME data submitted within a 45 minute session.

To request an account for this service, please contact the TIGR Solanaceae Genomics team.

MST Manual

MIAME Submission Tool Manual (doc, 801K)





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