TIGR Potato cDNA Microarray Distribution Policy

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Distribution Overview

Note: The final date for ordering TIGR Potato cDNA Microarrays is April 15th, 2007. Orders received after this date will not be accepted.

We provide to the public a portion of our microarrays. These arrays will be provided on a cost-recovery basis. The cost for the slides has been set at $118.21 per slide. Shipping and custom tax charges will be imposed on the shipment are the responsibility of the recipient. A Federal Express (www.fedex.com) or DHL (www.dhl.com) account number must be provided to TIGR for the shipping and custom tax charges prior to the order being sent. Payment will need to be through either a check or credit card, no wire transfers will be accepted. No other shipping companies will be supported. The maximum number of slides per laboratory will be 20 slides within a 6 month period.

The microarrays will be distributed under the Simple Letter Agreement for the Transfer of Non-Proprietary Biological Materials.

Due to the experimental nature and the limited shelf-life of these microarrays, we strongly encourage labs to complete the ordering process within sixty (60) days by faxing or sending in the signed simple letter agreement.

TIGR will NOT provide technical support to users. Element construction details, element composition, and standard hybridization methods will be provided to users via FTP download.

All information regarding element description and spot location will be provided in an electronic format (Excel). It is the responsiblity of the user to convert this to their own format.

Ordering the TIGR Potato cDNA Microarray

  1. Download and complete the Simple Letter Agreement (SLA).
  2. Fax the completed Simple Letter Agreement to:

  3. TIGR, ATTN: IP Counsel

    Include the number of microarrays you want to order. Please remember the maximum number per lab is 20 slides within a 6 month period.
  4. TIGR will fax and/or send an invoice for the number of microarrays ordered excluding the shipping costs which is the responsibility of the customer.
  5. Once a SLA & payment is received, you will receive the slides within 30 days.
  6. You will receive slides, methods, element list, element locator, and other materials to assist you with using the microarrays.
  7. Any ordering correspondence should be directed to Ms. Trina Eacho (teacho@tigr.org), Facsimile (301) 838-0208.


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