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Figure View of Syntenic Blocks between Rice and Wheat

The Wheat chromosome bin map and corresponding EST marker sequences were downloaded from GrainGenes. The marker sequences were used to search TIGR Rice Pseudomolecules Release 4. Applying a high stringency cutoff of greater than 70% sequence identity and 70% length match or a continuous match of >=150 bp, 9332 wheat markers were mapped onto Rice Pseudomolecules. The top 5 alignments (21438 in total) were retained. Those markers aligned to a unique location on rice genome are denoted with a star(*). A cM position was randomly assigned to each marker within a bin using the bin location and relative length of each wheat chromosome. Syntenic blocks were determined by calculating the colinear order of wheat markers on the wheat bin map and on the Rice Pseudomolecules. The syntenic blocks can be viewed either based on rice or wheat genomes.

Rice Genome

Wheat Genome A

Wheat Genome B

Wheat Genome D

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