R. Alexander Richter, MA

Sr. Bioinformatics Engineer



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Alexander Richter is a senior bioinformatics engineer at the J. Craig Venter Institute in the Microbial and Environmental Genomics group. He has been with JCVI/TIGR since 2006, and his primary research interests include investigation of the effects of environmental factors on population and functional dynamics. His scientific responsibilities include analysis of data and project goals for design of analytical processes, development of associated pipelines, and maintenance/development of existing pipelines.

Alexander Richter received his BS in Molecular/Cellular Biology at the University of Arizona in 1993, and an MA in Biology(Neuroscience) from Washington University, St. Louis in 1996. Prior to joining TIGR, he was the lab manager for the Bioinformatics Consulting Center at Pennsylvania State University.

Research Priorities

Analysis of meta-*-omic data for patterns of environmental influences on microbial population structure and function; e.g.

  • Genomic pathways underlying nutrient cycling in the ocean
  • Patterns of lateral gene transfer in microbial resistance

Novel organism discovery

  • Identification and characterization of novel genomes in metagenomic data

Design and implementation of computational infrastructure

  • Going from the biological question to repeatable analytical code to production pipelines

Select Publications

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