Bradley Abramson, PhD

Post-Doctoral Fellow



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Brad Abramson, PhD, joined JCVI in 2018 as a post-doctoral fellow in Dr. Todd Michael’s group working in informatics and synthetic biology. His research interests include developing engineered plants and microbes to address diverse global challenges.

Prior to joining JCVI, Dr. Abramson completed his degree at Michigan State University, focused on improving photosynthetic efficiencies in algae to increase biomolecule production. Prior to graduate school, Dr. Abramson worked to develop engineered plants for greater sustainability. Dr. Abramson received his BSc from Purdue University.

Research Priorities

Synthetic Biology

  • Genome editing and metabolic engineering
  • Improving photosynthetic efficiency


  • Improving genome sequencing techniques

Select Publications

Increased Photochemical Efficiency in Cyanobacteria via an Engineered Sucrose Sink.
Plant & cell physiology. 2016-12-01; 57.12: 2451-2460.
PMID: 27742883
The cotton centromere contains a Ty3-gypsy-like LTR retroelement.
PloS one. 2012-04-19; 7.4: e35261.
PMID: 22536361